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Achieving Collegiate Excellence & Success

Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success, (ACES) is a program for juniors and seniors that creates a seamless pathway from high school to college completion.

ACES activities may include:

* College and Career Planning Workshops
* College Placement Test Preparation
* Help with Financial Aid Form Completion
* Help with Scholarship Applications
* Parent Information Workshops
* Help with College and University Admission Applications
* Academic Tutoring
* Summer Academic Enrichment Program
* College Campus Visits
Please complete both steps below before the deadline to be considered for the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) program.

(1) Complete Student Applicant Form by January 12, 2024, including 50-250 word essay.

(2) Print and have your Parent/Guardian sign the Application Consent Form. Please return the signed form to the ACES student success coordinator at your high school. You also have the option to print, sign, and scan (or take a clear photo) of the Application Consent Form (PDF) and email or text it to your ACES student success coordinator by January 12, 2024.

If accepted to the ACES program, participants must apply to Montgomery College (MC) to receive access to MC resources while in high school. Montgomery College resources are required to fully participate in the ACES program. Instructions for completing the MC application will be provided after a student is accepted to the program.